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Change Zone 7 Cs: a unique experience of change

Plan to achieve specific objectives or improve problematic situations
Provide extra, individualized service
Direct support for the private case
The process involves the following:
Step 1:Getting things started: define work in terms of outcomes and solutions
Step 2: gather information and make a plan: assessments, measurable outcomes, focus on what will change
Step 3: Implement: produce tangible results, including regular contact between the coach and the person
Step 4: Lock in the Changes, Arrange for Ongoing, Continuous improvement and support



Change of attitude
Learning methods
Problem-based learning
Experiential learning
Behavioral change methods


Time, once a week, after working hours and Saturdays
Installment plan to facilitate payments
Facilitate coordination and coaching through our e-coaching collaborative platform


Business and Life coaching
One to one coaching
Become a coach training



Change Agent
Certified change agent with apparent change competency
Selection Process for participants
Certify participants via a criteria based on practice
Code of Ethics


Continual Development
Join a chapters
Join learning groups
Activities plan
Chapters & Memberships
Change Zone Club Card
Book Reader Club
Practitioner to Practitioner Club


Community social responsibility
Studying the environment and come up with solution
Free workshops to build awareness
Voluntary work for NGOs
Local chapters
Change Zone offers Free Workshops
Societal Pricing
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